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CODEX is now PhenoCycler
Phenoptics is now Phenolmager

Upcoming Webinars

A Framework for Cell Atlas Initiatives: The Information Science Behind HuBMAP

In this roundtable moderated by Dr. Grady Carlson of Akoya, HuBMAP bioinformaticians will discuss computational and logistical challenges and resources required to drive HuBMAP efforts to collect and curate information from numerous resource groups. They will discuss standards and processes they rely on, and provide an overview of the computational approaches HuBMAP uses to integrate, visualize and analyze data from many different assays, This online event is part three of a three part series.

Spatial Phenotyping of the Tumor Microenvironment for Characterizing Tertiary Lymphoid Structures
In this GEN webinar, our distinguished presenter, Dr. Karen Willard-Gallo, will share her study findings on TLS, T follicular helper cells (Tfh), and B cells in human breast cancer. Her research reveals how multiplex imaging can be integrated with other immunological and molecular techniques to dissect the composition of tertiary lymphoid structures, show how they promote important immune interactions linked with function/suppression in the TME and their relationship to clinical outcome in patients.
PhenoImager (Phenoptics)
Spatial signature panel optimization and reproducibility to enable tumor immune profiling

In this webinar Dr. Cara Haymaker will discuss her research and the work within the Translational Molecular Pathology Immunoprofiling Laboratory (TMP-IL) platform focused on the development and reproducibility of an automated nine-colour mIF panel to visualize and characterize the TME. Her findings demonstrate the power of multiplex imaging in exploring cellular phenotype proliferation in the TME and their geographic distribution and spatial proximity of cell phenotypes related to malignant cells. This research has implications for the potential capability of the data obtained through this methodology for immune profiling FFPE tumor tissues in translational studies.

Scaling Up Deep Spatial Phenotyping of the Tissue Microenvironment
In this Technology Networks Webinar we will show the latest 100-plex data using the PhenoCycler™-Fusion system, the fastest single-cell spatial biology solution. Our speaker will also discuss how deep spatial phenotyping with a 100-plex panel can reveal insights into distinct cellular neighborhoods and their role in regulating immune and metabolic functions of certain cancers.
PhenoCycler (Codex)
PhenoImager Solutions: Bringing Speed and Scale to the Forefront of Multiplex Imaging and Spatial Phenotyping
The new PhenoImager Fusion system brings the latest advances in multiplex imaging enabling whole-slide, multispectral imaging (MSI) at single-cell resolution at unprecedented speed (6 biomarkers per slide in under 20 minutes).
Fusion Spatial Biology Event
Spatial Biology thought leaders and innovators discuss the latest developments in the field and share insights on how a fusion of technologies, disciplines, and knowledge is redefining spatial phenotyping and biomarker discovery.

Webinar Recordings

In this webinar, we’ll share how phenoptrReports provides powerful, easy-to-use tools to analyze spatial relationships between cellular phenotypes and visualize their relationships overlaid on