Meet Spatial Biology 2.0

Spatial Biology at YOUR Scale

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CODEX® is now PhenoCycler,
Phenoptics™ is now Phenolmager.

Spatial Biology 2.0: Realizing the True Power of Spatial Biology

Speed. Scale. Simplified.

Spatial biology is a rapidly evolving and dynamic field that utilizes spatial architecture, the location, organization, and function of biological molecules within cells and tissues, to understand how they interact and drive various biological functions. Technological advancements and expanding applications to a wide range of research areas including cancer biology, immuno-oncology, neurobiology and more have led to a surge in publications.

However, some of the key limitations in today’s spatial biology multiplex imaging platforms include speed to results, plexity constraints, complex workflows that limit throughput, and large data storage requirements.

Meet Spatial Biology 2.0 – Now, you can realize the true power of spatial biology, with studies conducted at unprecedented speed and scale. Whether unlocking breakthroughs from individual samples, generating spatial atlases on a human scale, understanding tumor heterogeneity, and identifying cellular neighborhoods or developing signatures at the population level, Spatial Biology 2.0 is poised to transform your understanding of human biology and disease.

Akoya’s Spatial Biology 2.0 end-to-end solutions generates more data, faster than ever before, at YOUR scale. With a robust foundation supported by 1000+ publications and proven technology, Spatial Biology 2.0 introduces key innovations including:

Whole-slide high-speed imaging powered by patented height-sensing optics
Scalable multiplexing enabled by patented barcoded antibody technology
Simplified workflow via ready-to-use PhenoCode™ Panels
Proprietary high-res QPTIFF files provides manageable data size

Elevate Your Research with Akoya Biosciences' First-of-its-kind Spatial Biology 2.0 Solutions

The PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 Solution (formerly CODEX)​
The PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 Solution (formerly CODEX)

Spatial Discoveries at YOUR Scale

  • High-speed whole-slide imaging of 100+ biomarkers
  • Faster ultrahigh-plex discoveries from parallel fluidics and imaging
  • High-throughput analysis at 40+ samples per week with multi-slide automation
PhenoCode Panels
PhenoCode Panels

Spatial Biology Simplified

  • Ready-to-use panels provide relevant content in flexible formats
  • Seamless integration with PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 and PhenoImager HT 2.0 Solutions
  • Streamlined workflow catalyzes discoveries into actionable spatial signatures
The PhenoImager HT 2.0 Solution (formerly Phenoptics)
The PhenoImager HT 2.0 Solution (formerly Phenoptics)

Spatial Signatures at YOUR Scale

  • High-speed whole-slide imaging of 6+ biomarkers
  • Accurate and quantitative phenotyping
  • High-throughput analysis of tissue samples at 400+ samples per week