Spatial Biology Solutions

Scale up your discovery. Rapidly translate to actionable signatures.

Introducing PhenoCode Discovery Panels

Simplify your spatial biology journey through the ever-expanding biomarker landscape with PhenoCode Discovery Panels.

Every Cell. Every Tissue. With Precision.

The power of spatial biology can be fully realized when we phenotype every cell across an entire microscopic slide, leaving no detail behind. We call this spatial phenotyping and it’s the central capability that fuels our products.

We have two comprehensive solutions, PhenoCycler® (formerly CODEX®) and PhenoImager® (formerly Phenoptics™), to help you scale up your spatial discovery efforts and rapidly translate those discoveries into actionable spatial phenotypic signatures. Powered by our high-speed imaging technology (patent pending), both platforms can map every cell, across every tissue, in just a few minutes.

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CODEX Instrument
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The PhenoCycler-Fusion Solution

(formerly CODEX)​

Spatial Discoveries Simplified

  • Rapid whole-slide imaging of 100+ biomarkers
  • Single-cell and sub-cellular resolution
  • FFPE-compatible
PhenoCode Panels

Spatial Biology Simplified

  • Ready-to-use panels – Relevant content in flexible formats.
  • Seamless integration – Designed for PhenoCycler and PhenoImager Solutions.
  • Streamlined spatial biology workflow – Catalyze discoveries into actionable spatial signatures.
The PhenoImager Solution

(formerly Phenoptics)

Spatial Signatures Simplified

  • Rapid whole-slide imaging of 6 biomarkers and 300+ samples per week
  • Single-cell and sub-cellular resolution
  • FFPE-compatible