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A Ready-to-Analyze High-Plex Spatial Signature Development Workflow for Cancer Immunotherapy

Webinar | March 26, 2024 | 6 AM PST & 8 AM PST

In this Encore webinar, Agnes Haggerty and Lorcan Sherry present a new workflow for analyzing multiplex immunofluorescence images.

Spatial Signatures are a new class of highly predictive biomarkers that measure the interactions and cellular densities of tumor and immune cells that compose the tumor microenvironment. Based on multiplex immunofluorescence, spatial signatures provide a deeper understanding of complex interactions between tumors and the immune system, enabling improved patient stratification for immunotherapies. A significant hurdle to date has been in developing a data analysis workflow that is straightforward and user-friendly to transform the data rich images into meaningful quantitative spatial signatures.

During this webinar, Agnes and Lorcan will discuss the key features of the new PhenoImager HT 2.0 data analysis workflow. This workflow introduces a simplified framework from scanning to analyzing spectrally unmixed multiplex immunofluorescence images generated on the PhenoImager HT platform. The ready-to-analyze data can be directly imported into image analysis software such as Visiopharm. This prese ntation covers key aspects of data analysis elements such as image QC, segmentation, phenotyping, and verification – all essential for creating outputs that support the development of a spatial signature.

Key Topics Include:

  • Understand Akoya’s new HT 2.0 data analysis workflow
  • The challenges in multiplex immunofluorescence analysis and the use of AI and cell lineage segmentation considerations
  • Explore OracleBio’s image analysis workflow incorporating Visiopharm
  • Evaluation of analysis data to facilitate spatial profiling and interpretation




Lorcan Sherry

Lorcan Sherry, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, OracleBio

Lorcan Sherry is an image analysis expert who previously spent 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a group leader (Organon, Schering-Plough, Merck & Co.). He led a group responsible for performing histology, immunohistochemistry / image analysis and he has considerable experience in developing translational biomarker strategies for projects across various therapeutic areas. As co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at OracleBio, Lorcan has helped establish the company as a market leader within its field, supporting the digital pathology programmes of major Pharma and Biotech companies around the globe. Day to day, Lorcan oversees a team of image analysis scientists and pathologists responsible for the execution of Client image analysis R&D studies, while further driving the adoption of innovative techniques and processes to improve the quality and efficiency of our services.

Agnes Haggerty for website

Agnes Haggerty, PhD

Sr. Strategic Account Executive, Akoya Biosciences

Agnes Haggerty received her PhD from the University of Pittsburg and completed here post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine where she worked biomaterial and cell transplantation strategies for spinal cord regeneration and repair following injury. Following her post-doctoral studies, Agens joined Akoya Biosciences where she currently leads the adoption of Akoya's cutting-edge technologies for spatial biology, multiplex and multispectral fluorescent imaging in the Biopharma, Biotech and CRO market.