Our Partners

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CODEX is now PhenoCycler
Phenoptics is now Phenolmager

Akoya Biosciences together with our strategic partners are leading the emerging field of tissue biomarker analysis.

Nikon develops and distributes microscope-based imaging technologies for the life sciences, including the large field of view (FOV) ECLIPSE Ti2 inverted microscope, which is validated for use with PhenoCycler™ (formerly CODEX) multiplex imaging solutions. Nikon also offers the large FOV AX / AX R confocal systems and various super-resolution technologies.
CrestOptics develops and manufactures advanced systems for high end fluorescence microscopy applications as well as custom microscopy design for OEM partners. Their X-light V3 confocal and DeepSIM super-resolution systems are essential and enabling tools for visualizing cells in complex 3D models such as tissues, organoids and spheroids.
Keyence supplies innovative sensors, measuring systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems. For industrial and life science applications, Keyence offers affordable and reliable microscopes, including automated digital systems and all-in-one fluorescence microscopes, which integrate with Akoya’s PhenoCycler™ (formerly CODEX) workflow.
Andor , an Oxford Instruments Company, develops ground-breaking microscopy systems and cameras, such as their unrivaled Dragonfly high-speed confocal and new BC43 benchtop confocal systems, which put high-quality, high-speed confocal imaging within reach of every laboratory. Paired with PhenoCycler™ (formerly CODEX), these innovative imaging solutions bring new insights to spatial proteomics.
VisioPharm develops scalable software solutions for scientists and pathologists engaged in tissue-based research and diagnostics. Their Oncotopix Augmented Pathology™ solution is compatible with Akoya instruments and fits the needs and volumes of both research and diagnostic labs.
PathAI is a leading provider of AI-powered research tools and services for pathology. PathAI’s platform promises substantial improvements to the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment of diseases like cancer, leveraging modern approaches in machine and deep learning. Based in Boston, PathAI works with leading life sciences companies and researchers to advance precision medicine.
ACD ‒ a Bio-Techne brand, is a spatial genomics pioneer and leader in the field of molecular pathology. Based on proprietary RNAscope™ Technology, their multiplex fluorescent and chromogenic ISH platform, which includes RNAscope, BaseScope™, miRNAscope™, HiPlex™ and the Co-Detection Workflow, is capable of quantifying single molecules of RNA in situ.