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Phenoptics™ is now Phenolmager.

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Akoya Biosciences Operations and Manufacturing Center of Excellence

(2 min) Akoya’s new Operations and Manufacturing Center of Excellence was built to meet the growing demand for our spatial biology solutions and the increased utilization of our PhenoCycler®-Fusion and PhenoImager® HT platforms. The 32,000ft² facility includes R&D, manufacturing, quality control, warehouse space, and distribution, enabling better coordination among internal groups and an improved customer experience.

A Spatial Atlas of Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Women of African Ancestry

(15 min) Jasmine Plummer from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital shares how she and her team have created a spatial atlas using a multiomic (protein + RNA) imaging approach to profile triple negative breast cancer of women with different African Ancestry. Using these data along with clinical information, Dr. Plummer aims to develop a benchmark test to measure and interpret multiomic data at the cellular level to identify this aggressive and early onset disease.

ImmunoPROFILE: A Pan-cancer Tissue Biomarker Test for Immune Profiling at Institutional Scale

(10 min) James Lindsay from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute presents a groundbreaking project that demonstrates the successful use of a multiplex tissue biomarker test for pan-cancer immune profiling at institutional scale. The assay is being used in an ongoing prospective cohort study to explore immune phenotypes and response to immunotherapy across 15+ cancer types (looking at CD8, PD-1, PD-L1, and FOXP3), with more than 2,000 patient cases analyzed to-date.

Spatial Genomics and Proteomics Enable Multimodal Analysis of Oral SCC Clonal Heterogeneity and Interactions with Tumor Microenvironment

(3 min) Inês Sequeira from Queen Mary University of London is focused on elucidating the heterogeneity of oral cancers, with the aim of ultimately helping pave the way for more effective treatments. Her team went beyond traditional single-marker studies to look at 40+ proteins for a more holistic view of tumor biology. Dr. Sequeira further highlights the value of probing for spatial insights as that can provide unique functional context to such studies.

The Mutational Landscape Defines the Proteome and Spatial Organization of Tumor, Stroma, and Immune Cells in Ovarian Cancer

(2 min) Kruttika Dabke from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and her team used a 26-plex panel on the PhenoCycler-Fusion platform to profile 36 million cells and map the tumor immune landscape of high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC), exploring how the HGSOC immune landscape is rearranged after treatment and how that is influenced by homologous recombination repair (HRR) mutations.

Spatial Phenotyping Puts Cells in Context

Spatial phenotyping can fuel your next breakthrough. Learn how multiplex imaging solutions from Akoya Biosciences enable you to phenotype the full cellular diversity of a tissue sample, with spatial context.

Understand Akoya Biosciences PhenoCycler Technology

This short video provides a concise explanation of how the PhenoCycler (formerly CODEX) technology works to provide ultra-high plex fluorescent tissue imaging.

Unlocking Single Cell Biology in FFPE Tissues

In this video, Oliver Braubach, PhD, Senior Applications Scientist at Akoya Biosciences, demonstrates how the Multiplex Analysis Viewer (MAV) software can be used to analyze FFPE tissue samples with single-cell, spatial resolution. We look at an example of breast cancer FFPE tissue stained with a 36-antibody PhenoCycler (formerly CODEX) panel.