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Spatial Discoveries Simplified

Introducing PhenoCode Discovery Panels

Simplify your spatial biology journey through the ever-expanding biomarker landscape with PhenoCode Discovery Panels.

PhenoCycler – Rapid, Deep Spatial Phenotyping


Characterizing the complexities of the tissue microenvironment is a critical step towards understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms associated with disease development, differentiation, and response. The PhenoCycler®-Fusion allows spatial phenotyping of millions of cells at unprecedented scale and speed. Mapping millions of cells and their interactions across single intact tissue sections facilitates the discovery of rare cell types, cellular neighborhoods, and spatial functional states.

Push the frontiers of spatial biology with your team using the PhenoCycler solutions (formerly CODEX®).




Sample-To-Data Within
24 Hours


Whole-Slide Imaging at Single-Cell Resolution


Image 100+ Protein and RNA Biomarkers


Analyze Protein and RNA Biomarkers in situ

Case Studies

From Rare Cell Discovery and Cellular Neighborhood Analysis: Novel Insights Generated via Spatial Phenotyping
Learn how single-cell spatial phenotyping is helping generate new insights about the interplay between different cellular actors in disease promotion or suppression across oncology, immunology, and neurodegenerative disease.
Uncovering Partial Immunotherapy Response via Rapid, Deep, Spatial Phenotyping
See how a 100-plex panel is used to interrogate cancer targets and to push the limits of cancer research by revealing unique interactions and potential therapeutic targets not otherwise apparent with conventional techniques.
phenocycler case study2
No longer
Enabling ultrahigh-plex multiomic analysis of patients with primary tumor, lymph nodes with metastasis and controls
This webinar will define how true multiomic panels are enabling the discovery of key cellular niches. Our speakers also describe the key factors associated with environmental-conditioned metastasis and how true multiomic panels can define hot and cold tumors.

Imaging Gallery



Watch this video to learn how the PhenoCycler instrument uses the reveal, image, remove workflow to spatially phenotype cells while retaining tissue context and maintaining sample integrity. Learn how this simple but practical instrument gives you unmatched flexibility to phenotype every single cell across the whole slide giving access to unbiased spatial phenotyping.


Related Publications

Coordinated cellular neighborhoods orchestrate antitumoral immunity at the colorectal cancer invasive front
2020 Sep 03
This seminal study provides a framework for integrating how complex biological processes, such as antitumoral immunity, occur through concerted action of cells and spatial domains.
Immunotherapy of glioblastoma explants induces interferonγ responses and spatial immune cell rearrangements in tumor center, but not periphery
2022 Jan 21
This study demonstrates that ex vivo immunotherapy of glioblastoma multiforma explants enables an active antitumoral immune response within the tumor center, and provides a framework for multidimensional personalized assessment of tumor response to immunotherapy.
A single cell spatial temporal atlas of skeletal muscle reveals cellular neighborhoods that orchestrate regeneration and become disrupted in aging
2022 Jun 10
Highly multiplexed spatial proteomics, neural network and machine learning uncovers temporal dynamics in the spatial crosstalk between immune, fibrogenic, vascular, nerve, and muscle stem cells and myofibers during regeneration.