The PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 Solution

Spatial Discoveries at YOUR Scale

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CODEX® is now PhenoCycler,
Phenoptics™ is now Phenolmager.

Experience the Fastest Spatial Biology Solution

Whether you're unlocking insights from a single sample, conducting spatial studies on dozens of samples, or exploring population-level analyses on hundreds of samples, PhenoCycler®-Fusion 2.0 will match the scale of your spatial studies.

Powered by high-speed imaging and proprietary barcoding technology, PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 now introduces multi-slide automation with parallel processing of slides. This advanced capability amplifies your ability to uncover more discoveries faster than ever before.

Why choose PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0?

Faster than Ever

Image 1 million cells in 10 minutes with accelerated parallel imaging and fluidics. Experience a new standard for speed and time to results faster than ever before.

High-throughput Excellence

Maximize your weekly throughput without compromising imaging area, plex, or data. Effortlessly phenotype 40 samples at 20-plex or 300 samples at 6-plex.

Scalable Plexing

Unlock scalable plexing with our barcoded antibody technology. This innovative approach combines antibody specificity with molecular barcodes enabling simultaneous detection of over 100 targets at high spatial resolution while preserving tissue integrity.

Unmatched Content

Design your desired panels from a database of 350+ antibodies or save time with ready-to-use PhenoCode™ Discovery Panels. Explore beyond the limitations of species and epitope degradation.

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PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 Technology

PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 capitalizes on our innovation and expertise in high-speed imaging and automated cycling, emerging as the fastest spatial biology solution with unparalleled throughput.

Height sensing optics
for faster, efficient data acquisition
Patented barcoding technology
for scalable plexing and deeper phenotyping
Multi-slide automation
with parallel processing for faster runs and higher throughput
Proprietary algorithms
generating manageable GB-sized QPTIFF data with unparalleled quality

A Simple End-to-End Workflow

Seminal Publications

Single-cell Spatial Metabolic and Immune Phenotyping of Head and Neck Cancer Tissues Identifies Tissue Signatures of Response and Resistance to Immunotherapy
This study is a first-of-its-kind 100-plex analysis of functional states of the tumor microenvironment and provides insights into a partial response to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy
A Spatially Resolved Single-cell Genomic Atlas of the Adult Human Breast
In this groundbreaking study, researchers analyzed the largest ever normal breast cell atlas identifying novel biomarkers with potential therapeutic interest
Coordinated Cellular Neighborhoods Orchestrate Antitumoral Immunity at the Colorectal Cancer Invasive Front
This seminal study provides a framework for interrogating how complex biological processes, such as antitumoral immunity, occur through concerted actions of cells and spatial domains

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