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Novel Spatial Discoveries – Now Within Reach


The PhenoCycler® instrument (formerly CODEX®) is a cutting-edge fluidics control unit that integrates with the Fusion imaging platform to automate whole-slide staining and imaging.

The chemistry is an iterative workflow that relies on a DNA-based tagging approach, where your analyte of choice is labeled with specific oligonucleotide tags (barcodes) and dye oligonucleotides (reporters) that are sequentially hybridized and dehybridized across multiple cycles.

The PhenoCycler instrument is a simple, practical, and flexible solution that is deployable in almost any lab.

Imaging on Your Terms

PhenoCycler Fusion

Introducing the PhenoCycler-Fusion System
Whether you’re building a cell atlas, discovering novel cell types, or developing a spatial phenotypic signature, the PhenoCycler-Fusion system has the power to match the scale of your studies. Scale up your discoveries with the fastest single-cell spatial biology solution.

Flexibility for Specialized Applications
Interested in automating your specialized applications? PhenoCycler offers the flexibility to integrate with the microscope of your choice so you can continue to support your spatial biology experiments involving 3D imaging, super-resolution microscopy and more! Learn how our Imaging Innovators (I2) Network is broadening the horizons of spatial biology with the PhenoCycler instrument.

What Can PhenoCycler Do For Your Samples?

Akoya Biosciences is excited to offer the Spatial Tissue Exploration Program (STEP), a technology access opportunity for researchers to explore new levels of spatial insights powered by the PhenoCycler system. Our team of scientific experts will execute your projects and generate robust spatial phenotyping data from your samples.

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2020 Sep 03
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An N-Cadherin 2 expressing epithelial cell subpopulation predicts response to surgery, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy in bladder cancer
2021 Aug 12
This study combines single-cell sequencing data and CODEX to identify epithelial subpopulations with therapeutic response prediction ability in bladder cancer.
Technological advances in cancer immunity: from immunogenomics to single-cell analysis and artificial intelligence
2021 Aug 20
Summary of conventional and state-of-the-art technologies in the field of immunogenomics, single-cell and artificial intelligence, and present prospects for future research.

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