PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 Instrument

More Discoveries, Faster than Ever!

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Experience the Fastest Spatial Biology Solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of spatial biology research, speed is essential to unlocking new discoveries.

PhenoCycler®-Fusion 2.0 is the fastest solution for spatial biology researchers who need to achieve the quickest route to results.

Trusted by top academic and industry leaders, this next-generation platform sets the pace for groundbreaking spatial discoveries.

How Does PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 Work?

PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 is the fastest spatial biology platform that combines automated fluidics with high-speed imaging to generate high-resolution images of multiple biomarkers on tissue sections. Here is how it works:

Iterative Cycling and Imaging
Iterative Cycling and Imaging
The platform works by staining the tissue in a single-step and iteratively cycling and imaging fluorescently labeled antibodies across the tissue through a reveal-image-remove cycle.
Iterative Cycling and Imaging
Oligonucleotide Barcode Technology
Oligonucleotide Barcode Technology
Each antibody is tagged with a unique oligonucleotide barcode, enabling PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 to seamlessly scale the number of biomarkers identified and quantified across the same tissue section.
Oligonucleotide Barcode Technology
Multi-slide automation with parallel fluidics and imaging
Multi-slide automation with parallel fluidics and imaging
By automating and parallelizing the fluidics and imaging process, PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 enables researchers to generate high-resolution images of multiple samples and panels simultaneously, significantly reducing the time it takes to complete experiments and accelerating the pace of discovery.
Multi-slide automation with parallel fluidics and imaging
Efficient Data Management
Multi-slide automation with parallel fluidics and imaging
PhenoCycler-Fusion software produces high-resolution images while prioritizing manageable data sizes. It exclusively utilizes the preferred QPTIFF format, ensuring effortless compatibility with various software solutions for seamless spatial data analysis.
Efficient Data Management

Experience Spatial Biology 2X Faster

Experience Spatial Biology 2X Faster

The combination of rapid fluidics, multi-slide automation, and parallel image processing make PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0 the fastest spatial biology solution.

Turnaround Time

PhenoCycler-Fusion 2.0
2X Faster
Standard Platforms

More Discoveries, Faster than Ever!

Discover a new frontier in spatial phenotyping using the powerful combination of multi-slide automation and an expansive imageable area:

Effortlessly phenotype large tissue on one slide while accommodating hundreds of tissue microarrays on another.

1 Large Sample, 300 TMA Cores, Single Run



phenocycler instrument Tonsil
phenocycler instrument TMA

2 Samples Per Slide, Single Run

Skin, Lung


phenocycler instrument skin lung
phenocycler instrument skin

Seamlessly phenotype multiple small tissues types on each slide, unlocking the ability to study varied samples concurrently.

Dive into the intricacies of different tissue types by phenotyping a large tissue on each slide.

1 Large Sample Per Slide, Single Run

Head & Neck


phenocycler instrument head neck
phenocycler instrument Cerebellum

2 Panels in Parallel

Tonsil; 25 Plex Core Immune Markers

NSCLC; 25 Plex Core + Proliferation Markers

phenocycler instrument Tonsil 25
phenocycler instrument NSCLC 25

Harness the power of multi-slide automation and dual-panel analysis to elevate your research capabilities and accelerate scientific breakthroughs. This innovative approach empowers you to:

  • Accelerate your research progress by addressing multiple biological questions simultaneously.
  • Enhance the efficiency of your workflow by reducing the number of required runs.
  • Strengthen the reliability of your results by ensuring consistency across samples.

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