Our Statement on COVID-19


The Spatial Biology Company™


We’re committed to practicing #spatialdistancing while supporting our customers. Check out our Virtual Events to sign up for webinars and training sessions. 


We’ve brought Akoya Academy online – your virtual learning hub for tips, tricks, and best practices for the CODEX® and Phenoptics™ platforms.

Studying COVID-19 immune response? In an upcoming webinar, you’ll hear how the Cell Sciences Imaging Facility applies CODEX for deep immune profiling of tissue samples and cell suspensions. Register here.

Check out some of the research stories we’re following about COVID-19 on our blog

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  • Fully customizable panels for simultaneous analysis of up to 50 biomarkers
  • Sophisticated software suite for spatial characterization of tissue microenvironment
  • Walk-away automation through seamless integration with existing microscopes
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  • Enhanced understanding of the underlying mechanisms leading to disease
  • Unparalleled quantitative multiplex analysis with precise autofluorescence removal
  • One platform harmonizing Opal reagents, multispectral digital pathology & scalable image analysis