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CODEX system

The CODEX® Solution

Ultrahigh multiplex imaging at single cell resolution

A simple benchtop solution for whole tissue imaging of 40+ protein markers and deep cellular phenotyping.

Vectra Polaris

The Phenoptics™ Solution

High throughput multiplex imaging with rapid whole slide scanning

A comprehensive solution for analyzing up to 8 protein markers and 80 slides per day. Includes the Vectra®  Polaris™ Instrument, Opal™ Panels, and inForm® Software.

The Opal Reagents Quick Start Tool

Getting started with the Opal technology has never been easier. Use our Quick Start tool to choose markers of interest in your tissue type, based on published data from top researchers.

The Opal Quick Start Tool

Getting started with Opal technology has never been easier. Choose markers of interest for your tissue type using published data from top researchers.

Our Solutions


Find out why studying tissue biomarkers and cell phenotypes within their spatial context is critical to understanding disease pathology and progression.

Explore how our multiplex imaging solutions can meet your needs for biomarker discovery and high throughput translational studies.

As pioneers in the field of multiplex spatial biology, our contract services team has several decades of multiplex IF/IHC experience to meet your outsourcing needs.

New Products

Our newest digital pathology solution for the storage, management and analysis of multiplex immunofluorescence digital slides.

These kits are part of the only validated end-to-end solution for quantitative multispectral data, crucial for melanoma samples in translational immuno-oncology research.

These complete staining kits include the 6 most clinically relevant, ready-to-use primary antibodies and their Opal™ fluorophores for lung cancer tissue.

OUR HISTORY represents the rapid advancement driving the field of multiplexed imaging and spatial biomarker analysis.


October 13, 2020

Akoya Biosciences Receives ISO 13485:2016 Quality Certification

October 13, 2020
September 15,  2020

Akoya Biosciences Unveils New Spatial Biology Platform to Enable Rapid Image Analysis and Secure Data Sharing

September 15, 2020
September 2, 2020

Akoya Biosciences Strengthens Leadership Team with Spatial Biology and Molecular Pathology Experts

September 2, 2020

Virtual Events

Nov 9 – 14

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting 2020

Nov 9 – 14, 2020

Astronomy Meets Pathology: An Interdisciplinary Effort to Discover Predictive Biomarker Signatures