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CODEX® is now PhenoCycler,
Phenoptics™ is now Phenolmager.

Our Rebranded Product Portfolio:
New Names, Same Powerful Technology

These are exciting times at Akoya Biosciences, and we have some important news to share with you. We are renaming some of our products and we’d like to share the reasons with you. But rest assured, our core products and how you order them will not change.

Since the inception of Akoya, our technology has been helping scientists, like yourself, lead the charge into a new and dynamic frontier—spatial biology. Our single-cell imaging solutions reveal the full diversity of cells with whole tissue spatial context. We call it spatial phenotyping. And our belief in its potential to shape the future of biology and human health is driving our decision to rebrand our product portfolio. It’s a powerful promise, and we’re all in on realizing it.

To this end, effective January 13, the CODEX® Solution will become the PhenoCycler™ Solution, the Phenoptics™ Solution will become the PhenoImager™ Solution, and the Vectra® Polaris™ Instrument will become the PhenoImager™ HT Instrument.

In the same way our new instrument names are more descriptive of what they do, our reagents and consumables names (but not the catalog numbers) will also be changing. The reagents and consumables name changes will take place throughout 2022.

We are energized by our collective journey with customers and partners and fully committed to bringing context to the world of biology and human health. Our new product naming system will not only descriptively portray what our products do but also support future products we have planned, to advance the impact of spatial phenotyping.

product PhenoCycler


product Fusion

PhenoImager Fusion

product PhenoImagerHT

PhenoImager HT

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