Advanced Biopharma Solutions (ABS)

Your Partner in Advancing Validated
Next-Gen Spatial Biomarker Assays

Why Partner with Akoya Biosciences?

As inventors of the Phenoptics™ technology, we leverage deep expertise in multiplex immunofluorescence and cutting-edge spatial technologies to design and develop your next-generation spatial biomarker assays.

Akoya’s Advanced Biopharma Solutions (ABS) is a premium service for biopharmaceutical companies who want to discover and develop actionable spatial biomarkers for their translational pathology and immunotherapy programs.

Custom Assay Development

Fit-for-purpose analytically validated panels to support RUO projects, trial enrollment, and clinical studies.

Proprietary Image Analysis

Advanced tools and technical capabilities ensures the most accurate and reproducible data.

CDx Assay Development

Comprehensive services for development of FDA cleared diagnostics to support therapy decisions.

Flexibility to Match Your Needs

Our team of experts can develop a customized work plan that encompasses your project’s every need, delivering information on time and on budget to help discover and validate spatial biomarkers needed to propel your research forward.


Content selection

Off-the-shelf (OTS) panels or customized
fit-for-purpose panels


Level of validation

Tiered service offering enables custom assay validation


Project scale

Ability to run projects of varying scales with minimal impact on performance and turnaround time


Staged project management

Milestone-based pricing provides flexibility to meet client needs and budget

Support Across the Biomarker Development Process

Akoya offers the most advanced and complete solution for multiplexed tissue analysis. Leverage our expertise to support your tissue analysis needs.


Assay Design

  • Assay Design, Development and Validation


Sample Staining
and QC

  • Sample Procurement
  • Sample Preparation
  • Pathology Review
  • Tissue Staining


Image Acquisition

  • Image Acquisition using Vectra Polaris scanner


Analytics and Reporting

  • Image Analysis Algorithm Development and Validation
  • Image Interpretation and Analysis
  • Reporting

AstraZeneca and Akoya Collaboration

On Spatial Biology Approach to Profiling Tumor-Immune Biology

The partnership aims to leverage spatial biology data, generated on Akoya’s Phenoptics™ platform, to inform and guide drug development programs

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