Introducing PhenoCode Panels

Spatial Biology Simplified

Introducing PhenoCode Discovery Panels

Simplify your spatial biology journey through the ever-expanding biomarker landscape with PhenoCode Discovery Panels.

A Premier Spatial Phenotyping Brand of Ready-to-use Panels

Unlock the full potential of spatial biology with a focus on simplicity. By focusing on the most crucial components of tissue biology, you can swiftly answer the most important scientific queries, be it pioneering novel hypothesis-free spatial discoveries or translating them into actionable spatial signatures. We at Akoya, the Spatial Biology Company, believe in simplifying this intricate process, with the introduction of our suite of ready-to-use PhenoCode™ Panels. Our PhenoCode Discovery Panels and PhenoCode Signature Panels are paired with industry-leading spatial imaging platforms PhenoCycler®-Fusion and PhenoImager®, respectively, thereby facilitating optimal utilization of our features.

PhenoCode Discovery Panels
PhenoCode Discovery Panels

Designed for the ever-expanding biomarker universe

  • Ultrahigh-plex protein and RNA panels
  • Focus on oncology, inflammatory disease & neurobiology markers
  • Ready-to-use panels & modules
  • Scalable to 100+ biomarkers
PhenoCode Signature Panels
PhenoCode Signature Panels

Designed for the ever-changing immunotherapy landscape

  • High-plex targeted protein panels
  • Core immuno-oncology markers
  • Complete assay solution, automation ready, with ability to customize
  • Scalable for high throughput translational studies