Media Kit

Media Kit

Corporate Background

Akoya Biosciences, The Spatial Biology Company®, offers the most comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for high-parameter tissue analysis from discovery through clinical and translational research, enabling the development of more precise therapies for immuno-oncology and other drug development applications. The company has two industry-leading platforms that empower investigators and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of complex diseases such as cancer, and autoimmune or neurological disorders. The CODEX® system is the only benchtop platform that can image 40+ protein biomarkers across whole tissue sections, at single-cell resolution and is ideally suited for biomarker discovery. The Phenoptics™ platform is the only end-to-end multiplexed immunofluorescence solution with the robustness and high throughput necessary for translational research and clinical trials.


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CODEX® System with KEYENCE Microscope

CODEX® System

Vectra® Polaris™ Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System with Monitor

Vectra® Polaris™ Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System

Vectra® 3 Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System, 6 Slide

Mantra ™ 2 Quantitative Pathology Workstation

Selected Press Releases

Akoya Biosciences Raises $50 Million in New Financing
Investment funds significant expansion of Akoya | December 5, 2019

Study Shows Spatial Biology Is Essential for Predicting Response to Immuno-Oncology Treatment
Leading immuno-oncology labs publish study in JAMA Oncology | July 18, 2019

Akoya Biosciences Acquires Phenoptics Portfolio from PerkinElmer
Akoya Biosciences’ acquisition of PerkinElmer’s Phenoptics portfolio | October 31, 2018

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