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Tag: Cancer

How can we help progress promising cancer therapies to the clinic? Proteomics based companion diagnostic (CDx) tests are emerging as a critical success factor. Read more to learn how Acrivon Therapeutics and Akoya’s technologies are paving the way forward.
Missed our latest spatial biology technology updates at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2023 meeting – including one that could shave weeks or even months off your experiments? Want to relive the amazing scientific stories shared at the event? In this post, we’ll recap some of our favorite moments from AACR.
Organoids are tissue-derived adult stem cells that can be grow into self-organizing organotypic structures. Due to their derivation from human tissue, organoids can more accurately model the interactions between healthy human tissue and cancer, enabling patient-specific drug testing and development of tailored therapeutic regimens. The…