Microenvironments Have Just Gone Global

With Proxima cloud-based image analysis and collaboration software, environments are not so micro, anymore.

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CODEX is now PhenoCycler
Phenoptics is now Phenolmager

Focus on Findings Rather than Files

Unlock the full power of spatial biology research and discovery with secure, global real-time access to all study files, images and data, powered by Proxima™ software. Put a world of collaboration at your fingertips as you sync, access, and analyze multiplexed images from anywhere.

Fast and Responsive Workflows

Immediate access to data locally enables operation of existing workflows during cloud transition.

Anywhere, Anytime Collaboration

Regardless of location, securely connect to study data via HTTPS for authenticated authorized access.

Manage Data Retention Policies

Archive completed studies on the cloud or delete with certification for storage elsewhere.

Unlimited, Secure, Encrypted Data Storage

Backup on HIPAA compliant AWS cloud protects against data loss.

Study Level Control of User Access

Study Leader determines who can access data and their permissions.

Digital Slide Integrity

All user interactions logged throughout the digital slide life cycle preventing data falsification.

How Proxima Works

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