Introducing HT 2.0

Suite of software upgrades for PhenoImager HT

We are excited to launch a suite of software upgrades for the PhenoImager HT (formerly Vectra Polaris) that introduces a fast unmixing workflow along with other new features on the instrument. With the upgrade suite, you will receive new versions of software including:

  • Instrument software HT 2.0
  • Phenochart 2.0
  • inForm 3.0

Key Highlights:

  • Whole-slide, unmixed QPTIFFs from the instrument
  • Unmixing done while scanning for a speedier workflow
  • 16-bit QPTIFF option for more data range
  • New features and performance improvements, including:
    • Better tissue focus for faster scanning
    • Assign and view biomarker names in QPTIFFs

Note: Only PhenoImager HT workstations with 32GB RAM are compatible with the software upgrades. A 16TB hard drive is highly recommended. An Akoya representative can help you assess hardware compatibility.

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