Vectra 3 Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System

The Vectra® 3 automated quantitative pathology imaging system can accelerate your cancer immunology research.

The Vectra 3 automated quantitative pathology imaging system, together with the inForm® software, provides multispectral and automated multi-slide imaging of up to 6 slides to detect and measure weakly expressed and overlapping biomarkers in H&E, IHC or IF intact FFPE tissue sections or TMAs within a familiar digital pathology workflow.

Product Details

Vectra 3, used with the Phenochart™ whole slide contextual viewer, facilitates annotation capability into the digital pathology workflow, where pathologists and technicians can navigate around slides and identify areas of interest for high-resolution multispectral acquisition. It accurately measures protein and biomarker expression and morphometric characteristics in intact tissue sections for translational studies.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Akoya’s Phenoptics™ workflow solution for cancer immunology research
  • Detects and measures multiple weakly expressed and overlapping biomarkers within a single H&E, IHC or IF tissue section and in TMAs
  • Visualizes, analyzes, quantifies and phenotypes immune cells in situ in solid tissues
  • Automated loading of up to 6 slides
  • Phenochart whole slide viewer for slide navigation provides context for identification of regions of interest within a digital pathology workflow
  • Automatic identification of specific tissue types using integrated inForm analysis software


Tissue Formats Tissue microarrays (TMAs) and tissue sections
Spectral Range 440 – 720nm (tunable)
Modality Brightfield and Fluorescence (multispectral or color)
Scan time (1.5 cm x 1.5 cm sample, plus the acquisition of 10 MSI fields at 20x) 5-band Fluorescence at 10x = 18 minutes
5-band Fluorescence at 4x = 12 minutes
Brightfield at 10x = 10 minutes
Throughput for TMAs 5 cores (0.6mm) per minute in Brightfield
Multiplexing Capability Separates up to 7 colors, even if overlapping
Image Analysis Software inForm, two seat licenses
Resolution 10x = 1 um per pixel
4x = 2.5 um per pixel
File Format .QPTIFF (Akoya Biosciences whole slide scans); .iM3 (multispectral fields); and JPEG/BMP/PNG (color images)
Product Brand Name Vectra 3
Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method Fluorescence, Brightfield
Light Source LED

Support Documents

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