PhenoCode Signature Panels

PhenoCode Signature Panels

PhenoCode Signature Panels

Designed for the ever-changing combination therapy landscape

Whether you’re developing predictive biomarkers, understanding response to immunotherapy, developing the next generation of immunotherapies, or validating your biomarker studies, PhenoCode™ Signature Panels provides you the flexibility to keep pace with the dynamic combination therapy landscape.

Ask the



PhenoCode Signature Panels enable the comprehensive analysis of the tumor microenvironment. Characterizing the tumor microenvironment (TME) starts by asking
5 fundamental questions.

Is the tumor "hot" or "cold"?

Tumors characterized as “hot” exhibit signs of inflammation with T cell infiltration making them more likely to respond to single agent and combination therapies.

Discover the status of the tumor with

Where are the immune cells in the TME?

The composition of immune cells within the tumor microenvironment (TME) varies between tumors and is strongly associated with outcomes to single agent and combination therapies.

Explore the identity of the immune cells with

Are the tumor cells proliferating or lymphocytes activated?

The ability to determine the tumor proliferative state and the activation status of the tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) could provide important information that can guide therapeutic decisions.

Assess TIL activation status and proliferative states with the

What are the polarization states of the TAMs?

M1 (classically activated) and M2 (alternatively activated) tumor associated macrophages (TAMs) play a key role in regulating the inflammatory or immunosuppressive state of the TME.
Determine the polarization state of TAMs with M1/M2 Polarization Panel.

Are immunosuppressive cells contributing to immunotherapy resistance?

T cell exhaustion and the presence of immunosuppressive cells can contribute to an immunosuppressive TME. Recognition of these states can direct therapeutic strategies aimed at overcoming immunotherapy resistance.
Find immune-suppressive activity with our T Cell Status Panel.


Bring your

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Bring your plus one.


Build your

Build your own

Build your own panel.

PhenoCode Signature panels are designed to provide flexibility allowing for the easy integration of one additional marker to a 5-plex panel. Expand the capability of any PhenoCode Signature panel and answer the questions that you want in 2 simple steps.

Speed up spatial signature development by

PhenoCode Signature panels are optimized and validated to enable the rapid development of spatial signatures by shortening the assay development time by 3X.

Assay Development and Optimization

Custom built 6-plex mIF Workflow
PhenoCode Signature Workflow

Scalable end-to-end solution.

The development of Spatial Signatures requires a solution that easily integrates staining, imaging, and analysis using existing workflows while providing accuracy and reproducibility.