PhenoCycler-Fusion System


Map a million cells
in 10 minutes


Introducing the PhenoCycler-Fusion System

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Scale Your Discovery Studies with the Fastest Single-Cell Spatial Biology Solution

Whether you’re building a cell atlas, discovering novel cell types, or developing a spatial phenotypic signature, the PhenoCycler®-Fusion System has the power to match the scale of your studies.


Map a million cells in 10 minutes and accelerate your next breakthrough


Rapidly image whole slides and ensure each cell is analyzed


Visualize the spatial arrangements of single-cell and subcellular structures


Perform comprehensive spatial phenotyping across whole slides to detect protein and RNA in situ


Analyze 5 to 100+ slides per week


Analyze 100+ protein and RNA biomarkers for deep spatial phenotyping

Every single cell matters: Maximize the insights gathered from your tissue

High-speed state-of-the-art imaging coupled with automated fluidics control creates a highly accurate spatial multiomic solution. Precise characterizing every single cell, including subcellular structures enables unbiased discovery and maximizes the insights gathered from whole slides, within 24 hours.

Pave the way for deeper spatial phenotyping

PhenoCycler-Fusion enables ultrahigh parameter spatial multiomic studies. You now have the power to visualize, characterize, and quantify 100+ protein and RNA biomarkers. Create cell maps, perform deeper spatial studies, and unravel the secrets behind cell-to-cell communication, across whole slides.

Single-cell, spatial multiomic capabilities from a single system

Learn how true same-section whole-slide multiomics is creating an exponentially larger set of possibilities.
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Scale up your spatial discoveries, faster than ever

Cutting-edge height sensing technology and focus map generation combined with integrated fluidics enables fast and accurate imaging. Perform ultrahigh-plex spatial phenotyping on 5 slides per week or high-plex spatial phenotyping on 100+ slides per week.

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A game-changing technology


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Translate your spatial discoveries into actionable spatial phenotypic signatures

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