Phenoptics Technology

Discovery Begins When You See Everything in Context

Phenoptics Technology

Discovery Begins When You See Everything in Context

Phenoptics 2.0: Shifting the Paradigm from Visual IHC to Quantitative Immunofluorescence

To advance biological understanding of the tissue at the cellular level, it’s critical that you see tissue and cellular phenotypes in context. With our Phenoptics 2.0 solutions, you can visualize and measure multiple cellular phenotypes simultaneously in FFPE tissue.

Phenoptics integrates multiplexed immunohistochemistry, imaging, and analysis to quantitatively capture systems biology data with cellular detail. It reveals multi-parameter cellular expressions and interactions while retaining spatial context, offering insights into the complexity of cellular interactions and their microenvironment.




Simultaneously detect 8 biomarkers plus DAPI within a single tissue section. Similar to standard immunohistochemistry, our advanced method is accessible to many laboratories where IHC method development is performed. It allows researchers to use the best primary antibodies, even those raised in the same species, together for multiplex detection. Our staining solutions provide researchers with tools to assess multiple cellular phenotypes simultaneously while retaining tissue spatial context.



Our quantitative pathology imaging systems deliver high quality data where morphological context is preserved down to the subcellular level, isolating autofluorescence and increasing signal-to-noise. These systems detect and measure multiple biomarkers, even if overlapping, within a single IHC or IF tissue section or tissue microarray (TMA). Low signal levels that were previously undetected can now be captured, and overall quantification is vastly improved – particularly for solid, formalin-fixed, and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues.



Our software programs combine the latest technologies with algorithms and intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, giving you the power to make new, exciting discoveries from your data. Our automated advanced multispectral imaging analysis software allows you to visualize, analyze, quantify and phenotype cells labeled with multiple biomarkers in situ in FFPE tissue sections.