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Unlocking Single Cell Discovery in FFPE Tissues with CODEX®

Recorded on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Abstract: The CODEX technology combines the advantages of modern single-cell omics technologies with those of conventional FFPE histology. CODEX can reveal 40+ biomarkers via an iterative antibody-oligo to oligo-fluorophore labeling strategy, in situ and at single cell resolution. The process is FFPE compatible, fully automated, budget-friendly and compactly enclosed in a benchtop unit. The rich data collected by CODEX enable cutting-edge, high-dimensionality biomarker analyses, including unbiased K-means clustering, interactive tSNE plotting and spatial network mapping. Collectively, CODEX allows users to interrogate complex phenotypic information about each cell within the context of spatial cellular interdependencies. In this webinar we demonstrated how a 36 biomarker CODEX experiment was used to unlock discoveries in FFPE breast cancer tissue.


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Oliver Braubauch, PhD

Senior Applications Scientist, Akoya Biosciences