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CODEX® is now PhenoCycler,
Phenoptics™ is now Phenolmager.

PhenoImager Solutions: Bringing Speed and Scale to the Forefront of Multiplex Imaging and Spatial Phenotyping

Webinar | Mar 7, 2023 | 8AM PT | 11AM ET | 5PM CET

Join Akoya Biosciences for a webinar on the PhenoImager Solution, which revolutionizes spatial phenotyping for translational and clinical research with a focus on speed, scale, accuracy, and reproducibility. Utilizing the PhenoImager instruments powered by advanced Multispectral Imaging (MSI) technology, as well as the newly launched PhenoCode Signature panels which incorporates Opal-TSA signal amplification and Akoya’s universal antibody chemistry, this solution delivers accurate and quantitative spatial phenotyping required for the development of highly predictive biomarkers for immunotherapy response.

Key learning objectives:

  • How Multispectral Imaging (MSI) technology leads to quantitative and accurate phenotyping
  • How our PhenoCode universal antibody chemistry promotes a seamless continuum from Discovery to Translational Research
  • How the PhenoImager solution enables the rapid development of more relevant and highly predictive biomarkers, called spatial signatures




Amelie Viratham

Amélie Viratham, MS

Reagents Field Application Scientist, EMEA Akoya Biosciences