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CODEX is now PhenoCycler
Phenoptics is now Phenolmager

Developing Reproducible Multiplex Imaging Workflows for the PhenoImager Platform

Webinar | June 26, 2023

Key learning objectives

  • Learn about the PhenoImager solution for rapid, accurate spatial phenotyping.
  • Learn best practices for multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) assay development using Opal for high sensitivity staining.
  • Learn how PhenoCode Signature assays simplify protein spatial phenotyping and can accelerate spatial signature development.




Kristen Legendre

Kristen Legendre

Technical Application Scientist
Akoya Biosciences
Ladan Gheiratmand

Ladan Gheiratmand, PhD

Field Application Scientist
Akoya Biosciences