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CODEX® is now PhenoCycler,
Phenoptics™ is now Phenolmager.

The Akoya Summit Fall Series 2021

Webinar | October 22, 2021 | 9 AM PDT, 12 PM EDT

Our Akoya Summit virtual event showcases researchers from academia and industry using the PhenoCyclerᵀᴹ (formerly CODEX®) and PhenoImagerᵀᴹ (formerly Phenopticsᵀᴹ) platformsIn the series of talks below you can learn about Dr. Zoltan Laszik’s research with PhenoCycler as a nephrologist at University of California San Francisco and Dr. Abhishek Aggarwal’s work using the PhenoImager HT (formerly Vectra® Polarisᵀᴹ) in solid tumor biology. Dr. Avik Mukerhjee, Technical Application Scientist at Akoya, reviews analytical capabilities that are offered by both the PhenoCycler and PhenoImager platforms.  

The kidney under the microscope with PhenoCycler: Deep dive into high dimensional in situ multiplexing

  • The need for improved tissue assays and technologies for interrogating kidney biopsies 
  • Advantages of multiplexing immunofluorescence in tissue  
  • Assay design for distinguishing immune cells in compartments of Kidney tissue  
  • Quantitative phenotypic assessments of segmented compartments through clustering, Jensen-Shannon divergence, and AI based algorithms  




Zoltan Laszik 160

Zoltan Laszik, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

Using advanced imaging technologies to understand target biology: A case study in solid tumors​

  • Consideration when optimizing multiplexed assays in tissue:  
  • Clone selection and singleplex assay controls  
  • Efficient Ab stripping 
  • Fluorophore:antigen pairing 
  • Determining order of deposition and positioning 
  • Steps for assay verification 
  • Image analysis and cell phenotyping 
  • Results of solid tumor study to understand analyte distribution on Tregs, as a target for Treg depletion




Abhishek Aggarwal 160

Abhishek Aggarwal, PhD

Group Leader Pathology Gilead Sciences

Analyze This! Quantitative Spatial Analysis of Multiplex Images

  • Review of PhenoImager workflow solution  
  • Automated analysis for reporting, generating spatial maps, and reviewing unmixing quality reports 
  • Review of PhenoCycler software workflow for segmenting and clustering to analyze all antibody labels across all cells in whole tissue 
  • Generating UMAPs, heatmaps for frequency of marker expression, and Voronoi plots, spatial proximity analysis and more.




Avik Mukherjee 160

Avik Mukherjee, PhD

Technical Application Scientist Akoya Biosciences