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Quantitative Multiplex Immunofluorescence evaluation of the tumor microenvironment in pretreatment tumors of patients with metastatic breast cancer and serous ovarian carcinoma treated with liposomal eribulin

Authors: Marks, Douglas K.; Kucharczyk, John; Kim, Pan; Chyong, Donian I.; Gartrell, Robyn D.; Lu, Yan; Hibshoosh, Hanina; Guo, Hua; Evans, Thomas R. Jeffry; Lopez, Juanita; Kristeleit, Rebecca; Connolly, Eileen; Saenger, Yvonne; Kalinsky, Kevin

Online: https://doi.org/10.1080/07357907.2021.1938109

Issue: Cancer Invest. Jul-Aug 2021;39(6-7):466-472.


Eribulin inhibits microtubule polymerization and suppresses epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Conventional pathology approaches have not identified a precise predictive biomarker for Eribulin. We performed qmIF on pre-treatment tissue from 11 patients (6 TNBC, 5 HGSOC) treated with Eribulin-LF. T-lymphocytes were the dominant immune-subset in TME, with higher levels detected in stroma vs tumor (9% vs 2%). Greater density of CD3+ (p = 0.01) and CD3 + CD8+ (p = 0.03) cells and closer proximity between CD3 + CD8+ and tumor cells was observed in the patients with disease control (PR + SD) vs. progressive disease. QmIF identified an association between TIL infiltration and eribulin-LF sensitivity, which should evaluated further in prospective studies.