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Histological Studies of the Ventricular–Subventricular Zone as Neural Stem Cell and Glioma Stem Cell Niche

Authors: Brockman, Asa A.; Mobley, Bret C.; Ihrie, Rebecca A.

Online: https://doi.org/10.1369/00221554211032003

Issue: J Histochem Cytochem. 2021 Jul 26;221554211032003.


The neural stem cell niche of the ventricular–subventricular zone supports the persistence of stem and progenitor cells in the mature brain. This niche has many notable cytoarchitectural features that affect the activity of stem cells and may also support the survival and growth of invading tumor cells. Histochemical studies of the niche have revealed many proteins that, in combination, can help to reveal stem-like cells in the normal or cancer context, although many caveats persist in the quest to consistently identify these cells in the human brain. Here, we explore the complex relationship between the persistent proliferative capacity of the neural stem cell niche and the malignant proliferation of brain tumors, with a special focus on histochemical identification of stem cells and stem-like tumor cells and an eye toward the potential application of high-dimensional imaging approaches to the field.