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COVID-19-associated nephropathy includes tubular necrosis and capillary congestion, with evidence of SARS-CoV-2 in the nephron

Authors: Bouquegneau, Antoine; Erpicum, Pauline; Grosch, Stéphanie; Habran, Lionel; Hougrand, Olivier; Huart, Justine; Krzesinski, Jean-Marie; Misset, Benoît; Hayette, Marie-Pierre; Delvenne, Philippe; Bovy, Christophe; Kylies, Dominik; Huber, Tobias B.; Puelles, Victor G.; Delanaye, Pierre; Jouret, Francois

Online: https://kidney360.asnjournals.org/lookup/doi/10.34067/KID.0006992020

Issue: Kidney360 April 2021, 2 (4) 639-652


Background: Kidney damage has been reported in patients with COVID-19. Despite numerous reports about COVID-19-associated nephropathy, the factual presence of the SARS-CoV-2 in the renal parenchyma remains controversial.