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Bridging scales: From cell biology to physiology using in situ single-cell technologies

Authors: Nagle, Maeve P.; Tam, Gabriela S.; Maltz, Evan; Hemminger, Zachary; Wollman, Roy

Online: https://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S2405471221001071

Issue: Cell Syst. 2021 May 19;12(5):388-400.


Biological organization crosses multiple spatial scales: from molecular, cellular, to tissues and organs. The proliferation of molecular profiling technologies enables increasingly detailed cataloging of the components at each scale. However, the scarcity of spatial profiling has made it challenging to bridge across these scales. Emerging technologies based on highly multiplexed in situ profiling are paving the way to study the spatial organization of cells and tissues in greater detail. These new technologies provide the data needed to cross the scale from cell biology to physiology and identify the fundamental principles that govern tissue organization. Here, we provide an overview of these key technologies and discuss the current and future insights these powerful techniques enable.