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CODEX® is now PhenoCycler,
Phenoptics™ is now Phenolmager.

PhenoCycler Antibody Database

Having access to a database of antibodies that answers the most relevant questions in spatial discovery is imperative to accelerate your research. The PhenoCycler® technology combines high-speed imaging with ultrahigh plexing capability using barcoded antibodies. Barcoded antibody technology is a revolutionary approach that enables researchers to achieve virtually unlimited plexing in spatial experiments. By combining the specificity of antibodies with unique molecular barcodes, this technology allows for the simultaneous detection of numerous targets at high spatial resolution while preserving tissue integrity.
Expedite your spatial journey:
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Tissue Types
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Our comprehensive suite of antibodies consists of  validated targets across multiple different research areas including immune-oncology, metabolism, and more. The antibodies range from inventoried antibodies to screened and community antibodies.
  • Inventoried antibodies are meticulously designed, pre-conjugated, validated, and manufactured by Akoya
  • Screened antibodies have been tested across specific tissue types by Akoya internal teams and are manufactured by a 3rd party. Conjugation is required prior to use
  • Community antibodies are a collection of antibodies cited by our PhenoCycler users and conjugation is required prior to use
(*) Fully Validated