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Show Off Your Creativity by Participating in the Akoya Image Contest: Four Examples from Our Team

Our social media image contest is in full swing! We’re inviting all our followers to get creative and show off your interests with tissue images.

Here’s how you can enter. Either produce a tissue image using one of Akoya’s platforms or find one on our website. Then, put your creative skills to use and edit the image to show off a fun activity or theme. Share those images on LinkedIn, Twitter, or both. Be sure to follow and tag us and use the hashtag #AkoyaImageContest.

Winners will receive 1 of 3 $100 Amazon Gift Cards and will be featured on our social media platforms and here on our blog. The deadline to enter is Monday, August 23, 2021, 11:59 PM EDT.

Not sure where to start? Check out these examples our team came up with to help you create your own images.

The United States of Tonsil

Are we seeing things, or does this image of tonsil tissue imaged on the CODEX platform look almost identical to a map of the United States? Next step: zooming in to map cellular neighborhoods. (Learn how in our upcoming webinar series.)

image contest1

Scuba Diving in the DAPI Blue Sea

This bright blue DAPI stain makes the perfect backdrop for an adventurous scuba diver. (Fun Fact: “Scuba” is actually an acronym, which stands for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”.)

image contest2

Busy Bees

The patterns in this metastatic melanoma human FFPE tissue look almost like honeycomb you might find in a beehive. Honeycomb is composed of distinct hexagonal cells that are used to store larvae, honey, and pollen.

honeycomb image contest

Horsing Around

This unique seahorse-shaped tissue image is actually human FFPE colon cancer captured with the CODEX platform. Seahorses belong to the genus Hippocampus, which comes from the Ancient Greek hippos, meaning “horse”, and kámpos, meaning “sea monster”.

seahorse image contest

Feeling inspired? Read the contest rules and FAQs and then get started creating your own images. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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