Akoya Biosciences at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2019

We offer a suite of powerful tools for spatially resolved, multiplexed tissue imaging that can unravel the complexities of the tumor microenvironment. Join us at AACR 2019 to learn about the latest developments on our CODEX® and Phenoptics™ platforms.

Exhibitor Spotlight Theater

Title: Pushing the frontiers of immuno-oncology with multiplex immunofluorescence

Day and date: Sunday, March 31, 2019

Time: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Speakers: David Rimm, MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Yale University School of Medicine 

Julia Kennedy-Darling, PhD, Director of R&D, Akoya Biosciences

Venue: Theater B

Developed in the lab of Dr. Garry Nolan at Stanford University, CODEX® technology enables users to image up to 50 biomarkers simultaneously in a tissue using a simple benchtop platform that integrates with existing fluorescence microscopes. Akoya Biosciences has an exclusive license to commercialize CODEX® technology. In October 2018, Akoya Biosciences acquired the Quantitative Pathology Solutions business of PerkinElmer, which includes the Vectra® Polaris™ system for high throughput multiplexed immunofluorescence. The combination of high multiplexing capabilities of CODEX® and high throughput analysis with Phenoptics™ simplifies the journey from biomarker discovery to validation with a single partner.

Attend our Exhibitor Spotlight Theater to see how our multiplexed immunofluorescence solutions can be applied in the field of cancer research. Dr. David Rimm will discuss the results from a Multi-institutional TSA-amplified Multiplexed Immunofluorescence Reproducibility Evaluation (MITRE Study) which assessed the reproducibility of an automated multiplexed immunofluorescence slide staining, imaging, and analysis workflow. He will also share results from a multi-institutional meta-analysis comparison of the performance of immuno-oncology biomarker testing modalities, as well as interesting research results from his laboratory at the Yale University School of Medicine. Thereafter, Dr. Julia Kennedy-Darling will provide an overview of the CODEX® Solution. She will present data for use of this technology across a variety of applications—highlighting data from the analysis of human FFPE tumor tissues. The CODEX technology includes a variety of pre-validated and readily available antibody content. Dr. Kennedy-Darling will review the antibody validation process and highlight specific example datasets where this reagent library is used. Finally, a demonstration of how highly multiplexed CODEX datasets can be analyzed and interpreted at the single-cell level will be presented.

Scientific Posters

Stop by our posters to see the latest data from our platforms and for a chance to have an in-depth discussion with our R&D and application scientists.

Multi-institutional TSA-amplified Multiplexed Immunofluorescence Reproducibility Evaluation (MITRE Study) – Reproducibility assessment of an automated multiplexed immunofluorescence slide staining, imaging, and analysis workflow.

Wed, Apr 3 (8 AM to 12 PM), Section 42, Presentation LB318, Poster #9

Clifford Hoyt1, Kristin Roman1, Liz Engle2, Chichung Wang1, Carmen Ballesteros-Merino3, Shawn M. Jensen3 , John McGuire4, Yi Zheng1, Carla Coltharp1, Mei Jiang5, Justin Lucas6, Edwin Parra5, Ignacio Wistuba5, Darren Locke6, Bernard A. Fox3, David L. Rimm4, Janis M. Taube2

1Akoya Biosciences, Hopkinton, MA, USA, 2The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA, 3Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, Portland, OR, USA, 4Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA, 5The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA, 6Bristol Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ, USA

Highly multiplexed single-cell spatial analysis of tissue specimens using CODEX®

Sun, Mar 31 (1 to 5 PM), Section 20, Presentation 490, Poster #3

Gajalakshmi Dakshinamoorthy, Nadya Nikulina, Joseph Kim, Sejal Mistry, Roya Bashier, Maria Elena Gallina, Atri Choksi, Jaskirat Singh, Julia Kennedy-Darling

Akoya Biosciences, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Quantifying tumor heterogeneity and mapping complex immune cell interactions with high-throughput, 7-color multispectral slide scans

Sun, Mar 31 (1 to 5 PM), Section 6, Presentation 153, Poster #30

Carla Coltharp, Kent Johnson, Wenliang Zhang, Chichung Wang, Kristin Roman, Daniel Eversole, Clifford Hoyt, Peter Miller

Akoya Biosciences, Hopkinton, MA, USA

Booth Demos

Visit us at booth #4243 to speak with our specialists and get a demo of our instruments and software solutions.

We will be hosting four in-booth software demos on Tuesday, April 2 starting at 1:30 PM. 

1:30 PM to 1:50 PM | Akoya's inForm - Spectral Unmixing and Analysis 

2:30 PM to 2:50 PM | (Just Released!) Identifying Complex Phenotypes with Akoya's phenoptrReports

3:30 PM to 3:50 PM | Whole Slide Analysis with Indica Lab's HALO Image Analysis Software

4:30 to 4:50 PM | (To be released soon!) Visiopharm APP for 6-plex Immune Infiltrate Analysis, Lung Cancer 

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The CODEX System

Come and see how you can use an existing fluorescence microscope for high-quality multiplexed tissue imaging of 40+ biomarkers.


The Vectra Polaris System

See how this system can scan whole slides within 6 minutes for 7 biomarkers with the throughput of up to 80 slides at a time.


Opal IHC Staining Kits

Optimized for Vectra® and Mantra™ systems with automated staining on the BOND RX instrument from Leica Biosystems.


inForm Image Analysis Software

See how you can automate tissue segmentation, cell phenotyping and easily separate weakly expressing and overlapping biomarkers.