Francis Crick Institute Spatial Biology Grant

Gain a new perspective on your tissue samples

Akoya Biosciences is pleased to sponsor this grant program with the Francis Crick Institute to support researchers in spatial phenotyping diverse cellular landscapes.

Goal: Using the PhenoImager™ HT instrument, the Experimental Histopathology core unit at the Francis Crick Institute is offering a multispectral imaging service to enable the identification and linear unmixing of spectrally overlapping biomarkers. Unmixed, whole slide scans can be generated at 40x in 7 colours (6-plex + DAPI) with autofluorescence removal in less than 10 minutes. This enables researchers to study a greater number of cell phenotypes at once, and to explore how they interact in situ to impact disease pathology, beyond the limitations of conventional IHC and IF.

Award:  A 1500 GBP grant will be awarded to a researcher at the Francis Crick Institute towards a spatial profiling project with the Experimental Histopathology core unit. This grant award will support the purchase of assay reagents from Akoya Biosciences for the project. Technical support will also be provided to the winning submission by a reagent specialist from Akoya Biosciences to optimize Opal™ dye panel development. To apply, complete the registration form and provide a short abstract describing how multispectral imaging can support your research.

Eligibility: Applications are open to researchers at the Francis Crick Institute only. Applications will close on 1st July 2022.

The grant program is subject to the Akoya and Francis Crick Spatial Biology Grant Program Terms and Conditions which contain eligibility restrictions. Void where prohibited.



The PhenoImager HT system is compatible with tissue sections or TMAs and can be FFPE processed or fresh frozen. Sections must be 5-7 µm in thickness.

Do you have tissue samples available now?
Do you have preliminary data to support multiplexing?
In 300 words please describe the experiment and explain how obtaining a spatial perspective by multispectral imaging and single-cell analysis could support your research project. Please indicate in the abstract below which markers you would like to use and why.

Thank you for your interest in this grant program.

Applications are now closed. The grant recipients will be announced soon. Check back here for details.