Spatial Phenotyping Grant Program - CODEX

Advance your deep immune profiling projects with spatial context

Akoya Biosciences is inviting researchers involved in immune profiling projects to apply for our CODEX® spatial phenotyping grant award.

Deep immune phenotyping of whole tissue sections at single cell resolution enables the study of different cell phenotypes, and how they interact in situ to impact disease pathology and progression. The CODEX System provides a solution for spatially resolved, highly multiplexed biomarker analysis that enables researchers to image 40+ markers in tissue samples at single cell resolution.

For the recipient of the grant award, scientists at our applications laboratory will generate robust spatial phenotyping data for 4 FFPE human tissue samples. These data will be processed using the CODEX system with our pre-designed immune profiling panel, providing relevant visualized data to give a new research perspective.

Submissions to this grant program will close on 14th May 2021. To apply, complete the registration form with a 300-word abstract describing how obtaining a spatial perspective of your tissue samples at single-cell resolution can support your research project.  Akoya will select the application that would best make use of the grant to demonstrate the power of the CODEX System platform and the immune profiling panel.

The grant program is subject to the Spatial Phenotyping Grant Program – CODEX Terms and Conditions which contain eligibility restrictions. No purchase is necessary to enter; void where prohibited.