Spatial Phenotypic Signature Award

Find your spatial signature with multiplex immunofluorescence

About this Award

Recent studies have established multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) as an invaluable tool for clinical and translational tumor tissue immune profiling.  The goal of this award program was to help researchers working in immuno-oncology translational or clinical settings to find the Spatial Phenotypic Signature relevant to their disease area using mIF.

Announcing the Award Recipient

Akoya Biosciences would like to express our thanks to all the researchers who submitted applications for this award program. The quality of abstracts was exceptional but after careful consideration we are pleased to announce the award recipient is:
Dr. Nicolette Fonseca
Postdoctoral Fellow
Vancouver Prostate Centre
British Columbia, Canada
Project Summary:  Despite pre-clinical evidence that immune resistance pathways are active within prostate tumors, the immune landscape and its heterogeneity in human prostate tumours with DNA damage defects remains poorly defined. The goal of this project is to profile the intratumoral and stromal immune heterogeneity of primary DDR defective prostate tumours stratified by subtype (BRCA2, CDK12 and MMRd). The relationship between immune cell phenotype, localisation and patient prognosis will be evaluated by multivariate testing (Cox-PH) to identify independent and clinically valuable immune markers that can be harnessed in immunotherapy trials.