eBOOK: Spatial Phenotyping in Clinical and Translational Research

A Path to More Predictive Biomarkers of Immunotherapy Response

Response rates to immunotherapy using immune checkpoint inhibitors have stalled at 20–30%. How can oncologists better stratify and select patients that may benefit from this mode of immunotherapy? The answer lies in choosing more predictive biomarkers of response. A recent meta-analysis of more than 8000 samples published in JAMA Oncology showed spatial phenotyping outperformed other biomarkers in predicting immunotherapy response.
This eBook features expert-informed insights and articles detailing methods and best practices for protein spatial phenotyping and spatial signature development that can help accelerate how these biomarkers may be successfully deployed in clinical settings with standardized, reproducible workflows.

Topics covered in this eBook include:

  • Harness Spatial Biology to Bridge the Immuno-Oncology (IO) Biomarker Gap
  • Spatial Biomarkers and Multiplex Imaging in IO – A Discussion with Key Clinical Researchers
  • Developing a Reproducible Multiplex Imaging Workflow
  • Certainty in Imaging – Generating Quantitative Information
  • Multiplex Imaging Analysis


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