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Astronomy Meets Pathology: An interdisciplinary effort to discover predictive biomarker signatures for immuno-oncology

Webinar | December 2, 2020

An innovative platform, called AstroPath, has been developed to analyze large multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) datasets using celestial object–mapping algorithms to rapidly identify optimized predictive phenotypic signatures. In this webinar, Dr. Janis Taube and Dr. Alexander S. Szalay from Johns Hopkins describe how the AstroPath technology was conceived and developed, share successes applying AstroPath to answering questions about tumor microenvironment-immune system interactions, and provide preliminary results of comparisons across different institutions to assess mIF assay performance.

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janis taube 1

Janis Taube, MD, MSc

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Baltimore, MD
alexander szalay 240x316 1

Alexander S. Szalay, PhD

Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD