Webinar Category: Phenolmager (Phenoptics)

Just Add Tissue: The Ready-to-Use Phenoptics Workflow

Just Add Tissue | The Ready-to–Use Phenoptics Workflow

Recorded on July 14, 2020. Reagent Sales Specialist, Najiba Mammadova, PhD, and Technical Applications Scientist, Agnes Haggerty, PhD, cover the new PD-1/PD-L1 MOTiF™ Panel kits and rules based inForm™ phenotyping. Learn about fully automated 6-Plex, 7 color on the BOND RX, streamlined Vectra Polaris imaging, and see phenotyping in action with an inForm demo.

Automated Multiplex Immunofluorescennce

In this webinar, we discuss how Akoya Biosciences Phenoptics assays support quantitative mIF to overcome limitations imposed by conventional IHC methodologies. We also discuss how our Opal assay kits and reagents can be integrated with the Leica BOND RX to automate your staining workflow to support consistent results for high-throughput studies.

Identifying Complex Phenotypes with Akoya’s phenoptrReports

After tissue analysis, researchers are left with large, unwieldy data tables that are difficult to interpret. phenoptrReports provides a simple-to-use data analysis tool that permits analysis of complex phenotypes and their spatial interactions. This webinar provides a live demo of phenoptrReports’ functionality: