Webinar Category: General

Spatial PhenoTyping in the Era of Immunotherapy

In this webinar, we discuss how an innovative multiomic solution can redefine the way we think about spatial phenotyping, the infinite possibilities these techniques provide for spatial biology research.

Investigating Tertiary Lymphoid Structures in Solid Tumors

In this webinar Dr. Silina will introduce what is already known about tertiary lymphoid structures (TLS), what the main open questions are, and what analysis approaches can be used to understand the biology of tumor-associated TLS.

Spatial Signature Panel Optimization and Reproducibility to Enable Tumor Immune Profiling

Dr. Cara Haymaker and Dr. Edwin Parra discuss their research work within the Translational Molecular Pathology Immunoprofiling Laboratory (TMP-IL) at MD Anderson Cancer Center focused on the development and reproducibility of an automated nine-colour mIF panel to visualize and characterize the tumor microenvironment (TME). In this webinar, they will present their finding which demonstrate the power of multiplex imaging in exploring cellular phenotype proliferation in the TME and their geographic distribution, and spatial proximity of cell phenotypes related to malignant cells. This research has implications for the potential capability of the data obtained through this methodology for immune profiling FFPE tumor tissues in translational studies.

Exploring Biology Through a New Lens: A Spatial Approach

In this webinar, Dr. Niro Ramachandran provides an overview of Akoya’s Imaging Innovators (I²) network, and talks about how these pioneering scientists are advancing the field of spatial biology. Then, Dr. Sizun Jiang, a founding I2 member will discuss how he uses Akoya’s highly multiplex spatial phenotyping technology to uncover host-disease interactions within their native context. He’ll share results from a study using a clinical cohort of cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) patients, and describe how these findings help assess immune-tumor interactions and inform immunotherapy strategies.

A Framework for Cell Atlas Initiatives: The Information Science Behind HuBMAP

In this roundtable moderated by Dr. Grady Carlson of Akoya, HuBMAP bioinformaticians will discuss computational and logistical challenges and resources required to drive HuBMAP efforts to collect and curate information from numerous resource groups. They will discuss standards and processes they rely on, and provide an overview of the computational approaches HuBMAP uses to integrate, visualize and analyze data from many different assays.

Organ Cell Atlas Initiatives: Inside HuBMAP Tissue Mapping Centers

In this webinar, you’ll hear from two HuBMAP investigators who are working on organ cell atlas initiatives. Learn how HuBMAP tissue mapping centers collect samples, design spatial phenotyping experiments, upload highly multiplexed imaging data to the HuBMAP repository, and analyze their data to gain a deeper understanding of the function of single cells and cellular neighborhoods within different organs — enabling further insights into human health and disease.

HuBMAP: Building a Spatial Map of the Human Body — One Cell at a Time

In this roundtable moderated by Dr. Niro Ramachandran of Akoya, HuBMAP investigators will discuss the goals of the HuBMAP consortium, what they’ve accomplished thus far, share their vision for HuBMAP and similar cell atlas consortia, and provide an overview of the working groups developing new protocols. They’ll also discuss how HuBMAP researchers can work with biotechnology companies like Akoya to advance our understanding of human health and disease.