Cloud-based Image Analysis and Collaboration Software


Cloud-based Image Analysis and Collaboration Software

PROXIMA The Spatial Biology Platform

Proxima integrates rapid image acquisition and secure data sharing in the cloud with immediate access from anywhere for geographically distributed and remote teams. The new Proxima software-based platform accelerates biomarker discovery workflows across boundaries, providing access up to 30 times faster than conventional file-sharing. As the fastest path from slides to spatial analysis, this capability increases the speed of collaboration and biomarker discovery.

In-depth look into Proxima

Proxima will seamlessly connect the scanner to unlimited, secure storage in the cloud, providing an efficient way to organize and search study data, enabling role based collaboration at every step in the workflow, and the ability to view unmixed, multispectral whole slide imagery anywhere, anytime. Its hybrid cloud data design enables users instant access to data locally via a Proxima repository for analysis with any desktop tissue analysis software (inForm, Phenochart, phenoptrReports, homegrown script, or 3rd party commercial software). Subsequent release cycles will add important spatial biomarker discovery and exploration cloud-based tools enabling smarter and faster assessment of multiplex immunofluorescence tissue sections.

Data and metadata are stored on a HIPAA-compliant cloud. A study-based browser enables the viewing imagery and analysis results and the ability to invite collaborators on a per-study basis with data access defined by the owning organizations.

Fast and Responsive Workflows

Immediate access to data locally enables operation of existing workflows during cloud transition.

Anywhere, Anytime Collaboration

Regardless of location, securely connect to study data via HTTPS for authenticated authorized access.

Manage Data Retention Policies

Archive completed studies on the cloud or delete with certification for storage elsewhere.

Unlimited, Secure, Encrypted Data Storage

Backup on HIPPA compliant AWS cloud protects against data loss.

Study Level Control of User Access

Customer owns who can access study data and their permissions.

Digital Slide Integrity

All user interactions logged throughout digital slide life cycle preventing data falsification.

Proxima is a hybrid cloud data platform combining a Local Area Network (LAN)-based Network attached Storage with a tightly integrated secure cloud hub. Data can be accessed by users locally over the LAN or through a secure HTTPS communication. Unmixed imagery can be served up to 3rd party software via a public API or viewed through a browser.