Robert Shepler

Bob has served on Akoya Bioscience’s board since the company’s inception in 2015.  Bob was a founder and served as a Managing Director of Telegraph Hill Partners (THP), a growth equity/late-stage venture capital investment firm focused exclusively on healthcare related companies, since its founding in 2001 until August 2020 when he became Partner Emeritus.  Prior to THP, Bob was a principal in the investment firm of Mackowski & Shepler and an officer in the investment banking division of Merrill Lynch & Co.  In addition to Akoya Biosciences, Bob currently serves on the boards of Agena Biosciences, Inc. and Dynex Technologies, Inc.  Previously, Bob served on the boards of Kinetikos Medical (acquired by Integra), AcroMetrix, Inc. (acquired by Life Technologies), Aurora Discovery, Inc. (acquired by NEXUS Biosystems), Applied Precision (acquired by GE), LDR Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:LDRH), Endoscopic Technologies, Inc. (acquired by AtriCure), Sage Labs, Inc. (acquired by Horizon Discovery), Vidacare Corporation (acquired by Teleflex), ReloAction, Inc. (acquired by Hewitt Associates), Microinterventional Systems, Inc. (acquired by Medtronic), Reading Glass Company, Inc., One Body, Inc., R.D. Percy & Company, RareCyte, Inc. and was chairman of Genomics Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSL).  He also was a board observer at Magstim, Inc. and Precision Nanosystems, Inc. (acquired by Danaher).  Bob received a BA from Duke University and an MBA from New York University.