TSA Plus DNP technology uses HRP to catalyze the deposition of the dinitrophenyl (DNP) labeled amplification reagent onto tissue sections or cell preparation surfaces that have
been previously blocked with proteins.

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NEL747A001KT TSA Plus DNP (HRP) 50-150 slides 50-150 slides
FP1129 Anti-DNP HRP 150 uL 50 slides

Product Details

TSA Plus DNP is compatible with a wide variety of standard ISH and IHC protocols. However, HRP must be available for the amplification to occur. Amplification is followed by standard chromogenic visualization techniques using various enzyme/chromogen options.

The reaction is quick (less than 10 minutes) and results in the deposition of numerous DNP labels immediately adjacent to the immobilized HRP enzyme. These labels can then be indirectly detected by standard techniques, with significant enhancement of the signal. Detection is accomplished through the use of an anti- DNP enzyme conjugate, followed by the appropriate chromogen. Because the added labels are deposited proximal to the initial immobilized HRP enzyme site, there is minimal loss in resolution. This signal amplification technique may be applied to both ISH and IHC.

What ISH and IHC mediums are compatible with TSA Plus DNP?

TSA Plus DNP has been successfully applied to the following media: formalin-fixed/paraffin-embedded sections, cryostat sections, and cultured cells.


Catalog Number
Kit components
NEL747A (50-150 slides) Anti-DNP-HRP, 150 μL
Blocking Reagent, 3 g
1X Plus Amplification Diluent, 15 mL
DNP Amplification Reagent, for 50-150 slides


Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Sample Human
Product Category TSA Kits
Type TSA Hapten Kit
Detection Method Mantra and Vectra Quantitative Pathology Imaging Instruments


TSA Quick Start Manual
Protocol at a glance for optimizing TSA for IHC/ICC/IF


Opal Assay Development Guide
User Manual
Comprehensive user manual for Opal staining.


TSA Plus DNP HRP Manual
Data Sheet