The Phenoptics Solution

Shifting the paradigm from visual IHC to quantitative IF

The Phenoptics Solution

Shifting the paradigm from visual IHC to quantitative IF

Phenoptics Tissue Analysis Software

Discovery comes with seeing cell-to-cell interactions

Our biomarker discovery tools combine the latest technologies with algorithms and intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, giving you the power to make new, exciting discoveries from your data. Our automated advanced image analysis software allows you to visualize, analyze, quantify and phenotype cells labeled with multiple biomarkers in situ in FFPE tissue sections.

Proxima image analysis software

Proxima is a modern data and image management platform providing a simple, yet flexible interface on which biomarker researchers can truly collaborate. You will be able to implement powerful, more streamlined tissue biomarker analysis workflows that drive your translational research applications and transition to fully cloud-based workflows at your own pace.

inForm automated image analysis software

inForm® Tissue Analysis Software
inForm® is a patented, automated tissue analysis software package enabling comparative studies of multiple markers and specimens, supporting researchers to make fast discoveries of the indicators of disease. Its powerful unmixing engine, enables the separation and measurement of weak and spectrally overlapping markers in multiplex assays.

Phenoptr and phenoptr reports spatial analysis software

phenoptrReports & phenoptr
The phenoptrReports package provides powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools to analyze spatial relationships between cellular phenotypes and visualize their relationships overlaid the tissue, phenotype cells co-expressing markers, determine the quality of your unmixing library, and display results in shareable, easy-to-read data reports.

Phenochart whole slide viewer

The Phenochart whole slide contextual viewer enables viewing and annotation of Brightfield and Fluorescent digital slides scanned on the Vectra 3 and Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging systems.

3rd Party Software

HALO™ Image Analysis Software
Akoya Biosciences has partnered with Indica Labs to offer HALO™, a full suite of image analysis solutions to extend quantification of biomarkers to whole tissue samples. HALO™ is an expandable, modular platform that enables fast and easy quantification of biomarkers in brightfield and fluorescent whole slide imagery and multispectral fields-of-view.

HALO Link™ Collaborative Pathology Information System
HALO Link combines cloud-based image management with HALO image analysis and is compatible with images acquired on the Vectra® , Vectra Polaris™ and Mantra Multiplex Biomarker Imaging Systems.