Opal Fluorophore Reagent Packs

Opal™ is a practical workflow for simultaneous detection of up to 8 tissue biomarkers plus nuclear counterstain, within a single image. The method is similar to standard immunohistochemistry and is accessible to many laboratories where standard IHC method development is performed. Standalone Opal Fluorophore reagent packs allow you to pick and choose your panel’s biomarker quantity and design.

Catalog Number
Name | Link to Shop Online
FP1500001KT Opal Polaris 480 50 slides
FP1487001KT Opal 520 50 slides
FP1494001KT Opal 540 50 slides
FP1488001KT Opal 570 50 slides
FP1495001KT Opal 620 50 slides
FP1496001KT Opal 650 50 slides
FP1497001KT Opal 690 50 slides
FP1501001KT Opal Polaris 780 50 slides
FP1490 Spectral DAPI 50 slides

Product Details

Each Opal Reagent Pack contains 1 vial DMSO and enough Opal dyes for 50 slides in a multiplex IHC protocol.

Opal Polaris 780 is a two-step antibody-mediated reaction and requires special considerations, please refer to the product insert.


Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Sample Human and Mouse
Product Category Opal Kits
Type Opal Detection Kit
Detection Method Mantra and Vectra Quantitative Pathology Imaging Instruments


Bake and Deparaffinize Slides
  • Bake at 60 C for one hour
  • Xylene wash (3x ten minutes)
  • Rehydrate with EtOH gradient into di H2O
Slide Fixation
  • 10% NBF for 20 minutes
  • Di H2O wash
Antigen Retrieval
  • AR6 or AR9 MWT
  • Cool to RT for at least 15 minutes
  • Di H2O rinse, TBST rinse
  • PAP pen barrier
  • Incubate tissue for 10 minutes in blocking solution at RT
Primary Antibody
  • Remove blocker and add primary antibody
  • Rinse with TBST, then wash 3 times for two minutes each in TBST
Secondary Antibody
  • Incubation 10 minutes at RT
  • Rinse with TBST and wash 3 times for 2 minutes each
Opal Reagent
  • Opal fluorophore incubation for ten minutes at RT
  • Rinse with TBST and wash 3 times for 2 minutes each
  • Rinse slides with AR6 or AR9
  • Place slides in microwave-safe jar, perform MWT
  • Cool to RT for at least 15 minutes
Spectral DAPI
  • Use AR6 for MWT prior to DAPI for removal of any unbound fluor
  • Rinse slides in di H2O and then TBST
  • Incubate DAPI for 5 minutes at RT
  • Wash with di H2O and TBST two minutes each
  • Apply monunting medium for fluorescene microscopy for coverslip


Phenoptics Portflolio
Learn about our complete solution.


Opal Assay Development Guide
User Manual
Comprehensive user manual for Opal staining.


Opal Reagent Packs
Data Sheets

Download Data Sheet for:
Opal Polaris 480
Opal 520
Opal 540
Opal 570
Opal 620
Opal 650
Opal 690
Opal Polaris 780

Material Safety Data Sheets

Catalog Number
FP1500001KT Opal Polaris 480 Download
FP1487001KT Opal 520 Download
FP1494001KT Opal 540 Download
FP1488001KT Opal 570 Download
FP1495001KT Opal 620 Download
FP1496001KT Opal 650 Download
FP1497001KT Opal 690 Download
FP1501001KT Opal Polaris 780 Download
FP1490 Spectral DAPI Download