The Phenoptics Solution

Shifting the paradigm from visual IHC to quantitative IF

The Phenoptics Solution

Shifting the paradigm from visual IHC to quantitative IF

Opal Kits & Reagents

Multiple Tissue Biomarkers in Context

Akoya’s Opal™ Multiplex IHC kits make multiplex results accessible to anyone who works with standard immunohistochemistry. With Opal, you can select antibodies for simultaneous IHC detection based on performance rather than species. Opal kits are optimized for reliable spectral unmixing and simultaneous measurement of three to eight IHC targets, plus a nuclear stain.

Opal enables you to:
  • Use the best primary antibodies, regardless of species – with no cross-reactivity
  • Identify multiple cell phenotypes while retaining spatial and morphological context that is lost with bulk measurements and flow cytometry
  • Get more information from precious and scarce samples

Opal Manual Multiplex IHC Detection Kits

Opal Multiplex IHC Detection Kits allow you to use the best primary antibodies available for your unique assay.

Catalog Number
NEL861001KT Opal Polaris 7 Color Manual IHC Detection Kit 50 slides
NEL811001KT Opal 7-Color Manual IHC Kit 50 slides
NEL810001KT Opal 4-Color Manual IHC Kit 50 slides
OP7TL4001KT Opal 7 Solid Tumor Immunology Kit 50 slides
OP7TL3001KT Opal 7 Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Kit 50 slides
OP7DS2001KT Opal 7 Immunology Discovery Kit 50 slides
OP4LY2001KT Opal 4 Lymphocyte Kit 50 slides
NEL840001KT Opal 4-Color Anti-Rabbit Manual IHC Kit 50 slides
Opal multiplex IHC kit

Opal Automation Multiplex IHC Detection Kits

With our Opal Automation IHC kits you can perform Opal multiplex staining on one of the leading research automated staining platforms – the BOND RX™ by Leica Biosystems. Automation provides you with the flexibility to support the dynamic demands of translational research.

Catalog Number
NEL871001KT Opal Polaris 7 Color Automation IHC Detection Kit 50 slides
NEL821001KT Opal 7-Color Automation IHC Kit 50 slides
NEL820001KT Opal 4-Color Automation IHC Kit 50 slides
NEL830001KT Opal 4-Color Anti-Rabbit Automation IHC Kit 50 slides

Opal Fluorophore Reagent Packs

Standalone Opal Fluorophore reagent packs allow you to pick and choose your panel’s biomarker quantity and design.

FP1487001KT Opal 520 Reagent Pack 50 slides
FP1494001KT Opal 540 Reagent Pack 50 slides
FP1488001KT Opal 570 Reagent Pack 50 slides
FP1495001KT Opal 620 Reagent Pack 50 slides
FP1496001KT Opal 650 Reagent Pack 50 slides
FP1497001KT Opal 690 Reagent Pack 50 slides
FP1501001KT Opal Polaris 780 Reagent Pack 50 slides
FP1500001KT Opal Polaris 480 Reagent Pack 50 slides
Opal amiplification diluent

Opal Ancillary Reagents

These ready-to-use ancillary reagents, from diluents to secondary antibodies and blocking buffers, have been optimized specifically for Opal™ multiplex fluorescent immunohistochemistry protocols.