Spatial Tissue Exploration Program (STEP)

STEP into spatial and explore novel insights powered by PhenoCycler

Akoya Biosciences is excited to introduce the Spatial Tissue Exploration Program (STEP), a technology access opportunity for researchers to explore new levels of spatial insights powered by the PhenoCycler™ workflow (formerly CODEX®). The PhenoCycler solution offers highly multiplexed tissue imaging to enable characterization and visualization of tissue microenvironments.

STEP diagramHow it works?
Akoya’s team of scientific experts will execute your projects and generate robust spatial phenotyping data from your samples. This enables you to get data-driven insights for accelerating your research.

What panels does STEP offer?
With STEP, you have the flexibility to choose between immune profiling panels for fresh frozen and FFPE tissue and more!

What is the turn-around time for STEP?
A typical project duration for STEP is between 6-8 weeks.

STEP Benefits

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