Fusion Spatial Multiomics Grant Program

Rapid, Unbiased In Situ RNA & Protein Detection

Application deadline: September 30, 2022

Akoya Biosciences invites scientists involved in cancer research to apply for a spatial multiomics grant program that combines the speed and depth of the PhenoCycler™-Fusion System with the power of protein and RNA detection on the same platform.

Through this grant program, you’ll have access to Akoya’s expertise in oncology and broad selection of cancer biomarkers. Ignite your cancer research program with spatial phenotyping fueled by detection of multiple analytes to gain deep insights into the biology of cancers.

The grant recipient will receive:

  • Deep spatial multiomics data to reveal the presence of relevant RNA and protein markers for the cancer of interest
  • Spatial insights for up to 3 FFPE tissue samples
  • An assay report on results of the PhenoCycler-Fusion multiomics workflow

Apply Now for the Fusion Spatial Multiomics Grant Program

For the grant recipient, our team of scientists and bioinformaticians will help to generate a robust spatial phenotyping dataset for up to 3 human samples that will help to elucidate a more comprehensive biological picture of the cancer tissue and model under investigation using spatial phenotyping technology for RNA and protein detection with a broad selection of known cancer biomarkers.

RNA detection on whole slides at single cell resolution

Discover Spatial Multiomics

Get deeper spatial insights cancer with RNA and protein biomarkers for:

Submissions to this grant program will close on September 30, 2022. To apply, complete the registration form with a 300-word abstract describing how obtaining a deep spatial multiomics perspective of your cancer tissue samples at single-cell resolution can support your research project and  provide the insights you hope to glean. All the applications will be reviewed by Akoya’s scientific panel to select a grant winner. Selection criteria include, but are not limited to, scientific impact, novelty, feasibility, and the applicability of fast and scalable spatial phenotyping with RNA and protein detection via PhenoCycler-Fusion to your research.

The grant program is subject to the Fusion Spatial Multiomics Grant Program Terms and Conditions which contain eligibility restrictions. No purchase is necessary to enter; void where prohibited.


What is the focus of your research?
What platform(s) do you currently use or have access to?
Which analytes are you most interested in detecting?
What level of plex for RNA/protein detection are you interested in?
Do you have FFPE tissue samples available now?
In 300 words or less, please describe how spatial multiomics on the PhenoCycler-Fusion System for spatial phenotyping with RNA and protein detection on cancer tissue samples at single-cell resolution can support your oncology research.