Capturing Tumor Heterogeneity with Rapid, Deep, Spatial Phenotyping

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Spatial phenotyping is transforming our approach to cancer research by enabling researchers to chart out the landscape of cancer progression.
In this application note, we introduce an ultrahigh-plex single-cell spatial phenotyping experiment using human FFPE head and neck tumor tissue aimed at simultaneously unveiling its orchestrated and complex tumor heterogeneity. Using the novel technology housed within the PhenoCycler-Fusion we can perform deep investigations of cancer, providing an integrated view of the different pathways that regulate tumor ­­progression.

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  • PhenoCycler-Fusion is the fastest spatial biology platform as part of an end-to-end solution for ultrahigh-plex, whole-slide imaging and analysis of 100+ protein markers
  • Whole-slide deep spatial phenotyping reveals heterogenous tissue microenvironments, not otherwise visible with conventional methods
  • Ultrahigh-plex antibody panels generate an entire landscape of intersecting predictors that can provide unique spatial signatures allowing us to better understand clinical responses and therapeutic resistance
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PhenoCycler-Fusion is setting a new standard for spatial biology—one where speed doesn’t have to compromise plex or resolution. Featuring high-speed state-of-the-art imaging coupled with automated cycling, PhenoCycler-Fusion makes it easy to capture every detail across whole slides. Learn more ➜