CODEX Webinar Series: CODEX: Multiplexed Biomarker Profiling For Spatially Resolved Single-Cell Tissue Analysis


Akoya Biosciences, Inc. has developed a novel system for highly multiplexed quantitative protein analysis in tissues. The CODEX technology (CO-Detection by indEXing) uses a proprietary barcoding platform for simultaneous analysis of up to 50 protein markers at single-cell resolution in FFPE and fresh frozen tissues. Akoya’s CODEX™ System is a comprehensive solution including the CODEX instrument, reagents and a software analysis suite for image processing through interpretation.

In this webinar, Dr. Julia Kennedy-Darling will provide an overview of the CODEX technology and share example CODEX datasets on a variety of tissue types. Dr. Kennedy-Darling is a co-inventor of the CODEX platform in Dr. Garry Nolan’s lab at Stanford University and serves as the Director of R&D at Akoya.


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