Imaging Innovators (I2) Network

It Starts with an Idea.

Do you have a microscope and an innovative idea to push the boundaries of spatial biology? Akoya Biosciences is inviting researchers to apply to join our Imaging Innovators (I2) Network, a collaborative network specifically aimed at supporting innovators who want to disrupt the field of spatial biology through cutting-edge platforms.

Spatial biology is a rapidly emerging discipline whose tremendous potential is dependent on nurturing cutting-edge innovation, a goal that is made possible by the CODEX® system’s open, accessible interface.

Akoya will be selecting ten applicants for the I2 Network who have novel and creative ideas for pairing the CODEX system with a microscope to advance the frontiers of knowledge in the field of spatial biology.

The selected applicants will be:

  • Given specialized access to the company’s Collaborator’s Interface – a proprietary software that enables the CODEX System to control and acquire images from the users’ preferred microscopes
  • Able to take advantage of the company’s preferred commercial terms for the CODEX system and associated reagents to bring their ideas to life
  • Invited to participate in an Annual I2 Network Summit to exchange ideas with peers and Akoya scientists, and push the boundaries of imaging innovation

The application period for this program will close on July 9th, 2021.

To apply, complete the registration form with a 300-word abstract describing how you will use your microscope and the CODEX system to push the boundaries of microscopy in spatial biology.

The program is subject to the Imaging Innovators (I2) Network Program Terms and Conditions, which contain eligibility restrictions. No purchase is necessary to apply; void where prohibited.