6th Digital Pathology and AI Congress: USA

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Join Akoya Biosciences, for our upcoming virtual preconference workshop (November 18) in conjunction with the Digital Pathology and AI Congress USA. In this workshop, you’ll learn about advances in multiplexed immunofluorescence imaging and analysis and how our panel of speakers are currently implementing multiplex biomarker analysis to advance understanding in Spatial Biology.


Key Workshop Takeaways:

  1. How Spatial Biology reveals cellular interactions across whole tissue sections
  2. How automation can speed up discovery: Automating multiplexed immunofluorescence workflows from staining through analysis
  3. A deep understanding of how multispectral unmixing isolates desired signal from background autofluorescence
  4. How phenotypic spatial metrics can enable better prediction of biomarker signatures

Astronomy Meets Pathology: An Interdisciplinary Effort to Discover Predictive Biomarker Signatures