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CODEX®: A Comprehensive Solution for Highly Multiplexed Tissue Imaging


Characterizing the complexities of the tumor microenvironment is a critical element in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms driving disease as well as therapeutic response. The role of spatial relationships between infiltrating immune cells and the remodeling of the cellular matrix is widely recognized as a key component to defining tumor heterogeneity. Akoya has developed the CODEX Technology to provide a comprehensive solution for spatially-resolved, highly multiplexed biomarker analysis.

CODEX® Recognized as one of The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2019

Akoya’s CODEX Technology

The CODEX (CO-Detection by indEXing) technology uses an antibody conjugated to proprietary Akoya Barcodes, comprised of a unique oligonucleotide sequence. The CODEX Assay targets specific barcodes with a dye-labeled Reporter for highly specific detection. Akoya’s CODEX Barcode technology enables an almost unlimited level of flexibility in the generation of highly multiplexed panels while maintaining the tissue integrity ensuring high quality data.

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